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Shared Hosting – At its Simplest Best

Get your business online in an affordable way with our Web Hosting services. Whether you’re starting with a basic website or running a complex ecommerce platform, we’ve got you covered. Our hosting plans are power-packed with features, versatile in applications, and start at just Rs. 125.00 per month. Plus, we offer a money-back guarantee within 30 days if you’re not satisfied.

Just what you need for a Basic Web Presence

Our Web Hosting plans are perfect for establishing your web presence. Whether you’re showcasing your portfolio, launching a blog, or setting up a small business website, our hosting provides everything you need to get started.

Lightning Fast Website

Experience lightning-fast website performance with our web application accelerator powered by Varnish Cache. This ensures that your website delivers maximum speed and responsiveness at all times, enhancing user experience and search engine rankings.

Supercharge your website

Email Included

Stay connected with your audience using our advanced email management features in cPanel. Manage your emails, mailing lists, and more without any hassle, all included with your hosting package.

cPanel for Management

Take full control of your hosting environment with cPanel, an intuitive and powerful control panel available on all our plans. Manage your website, domains, emails, and other aspects of your hosting package with ease, thanks to cPanel’s user-friendly interface.

Install Applications with Ease

Need to add a shopping cart, photo gallery, blog, or any other module to your website? With our hosting, you can install these applications with just one click, thanks to our library of 50+ plugins powered by Softaculous.

Select Your Plan

Choose the hosting plan that best suits your needs and preferences. Whether you’re targeting visitors from the US, India, or anywhere else in the world, we have options available to accommodate your requirements.

US (Texas) IN

Our US (Texas) data center is best suited for visitors from the US and all over the world, ensuring optimal performance and reliability for your website.

Take the first step towards online success with Discover of Solutions Web Hosting. View our plans and get started today!

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